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SOIRÉE was founded by Anil Sankat in 2013 to fill a void within the industry of event design; a firm that conceptualizes, designs, plans and oversees the production of all key elements of an event in-house. Throughout the years, after countless challenges, and successes, SOIRÉE has evolved into a truly limitless resource for the modern bride & groom looking to make their day special.


PLAN includes the expertise of our in-house Principal Planner, Lida Mansuri—the event architect that will guide you through the process of selecting and curating the best vendors to execute your vision. We’ve checked the reviews, so you don’t have to. We offer services that range from Full-Planning to Partial-Planning, and we are proud to introduce At-Your-Service, your dedicated hourly planner concierge.

DESIGN includes illustrations, sketches & floor plans – the blueprint for overall design. Cohesive creativity is our touchstone, and no detail goes unconsidered—be it food, service, music or design. These unite in harmony, creating a spirit of enthusiasm and celebration.

CREATE is where it all comes to life. By the end, you will have a magical environment—rich in details and unexpected moments.


As the countdown began and timelines grew tighter, Anil took it upon himself to assist us in
co-ordinating with our venue. We felt absolutely no stress at all because we knew Anil had things under control and every detail would be covered.


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anil sankat

Creative Director


Dear Future Member of the SOIRÉE Family,

I am so thankful that you are taking the time to read this letter before contacting us for your wedding. I look forward to speaking with you and sculpting your perfect day, however I want to tell you about myself candidly before you decide to reach out.

I was born in Toronto in 1990, and I grew up with under the care of my amazing parents, Vijai and Kris Sankat, and lived alongside my 3 siblings, Preya, Rajesh, and Sanjay Sankat. Many of whom you may see at one or two tear-downs throughout the process of your events. At a young age I was encouraged to pursue as many artistic paths as I could fit in, which included visual arts, music, dance, and many more; I fell in love with art, and I’ve kept it near to my heart in every facet of my life.

Just as the ink was drying on my Art & Architecture degree from the University of Toronto, I found myself working with my friend and colleague, Gurminder Banga, developing and creating a name for Banga Studios in the Toronto wedding industry. From then, I was hooked. Quickly I discovered my talent as an event designer and I started SOIRÉE as an outlet for this passion. My goal was to decorate events in unique ways, while incorporating elements of my architectural background.

Six years later, SOIRÉE represents a luxury event firm, dedicated to servicing our clients with planning, design, and production.

But what does this mean to you?

Over the past six years, we’ve discovered that it’s not possible to create and curate an event experience strictly through decor. The experience of a SOIRÉE event is facilitated through an enormous and fine-tuned collaboration. From iron working to floral artistry, painting murals to food styling, SOIRÉE Experiences employs a coterie of both in-house and freelance professional artists without whom we could not realize our dreams. Fine-tuned collaboration is only made possible with rigorous planning; and thus, our planning division was born.

We’ve taken all that we’ve learned in-house, and working with other industry leading professionals and we’ve created SOIRÉE Luxury Weddings—Plan. Design. Create.

Let us create with you.


I had a vision, but I had no idea how it would play out. Anil sat down with me, listened to my vision and then ran with it. He took all of the stress away from me and made the process so easy. The final result was stunning!

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